When I saw my nutritionist in December of 2011, my BFI was 44%.  Now, after 7 months, I just hit 21%.  Much healthier I will say.  22% and below is considered healthy.

My goal is to get in to the mid-teens for my BFI.  That is an athletic level. Everyone says to me, “I don’t know what to eat.”

Well this will be where that stops. Also, the food you want to eat at this stage, or “Induction” as Dr. Adkins calls it, means it has to fit in to a “Ketogenic Diet” or no sugar or carbs for at least 14 days.  Actually under his diet, he says no more than 20 net grams of carbs every day, but I was very strict and determined to “shock” my body back in to a primal state.  So, I only ate protein for the first 2 weeks.

Day 8 and 9 for me we’re unbearable, but I got through it.  It took that long for my body to begin the shift.

I felt so tired at this stage I thought I would pass out.  I just wanted to go to sleep I was so exhausted.  I was going through withdrawals from a carbohydrate/sugar food lifestyle.  I have an idea now what substance abusers go through when they stop.  Terrible cravings!  The feeling that this sensation will never end.  You can’t just stop eating?  You change what you eat.

I actually dreamed about eating cookies.  The first weekend I kept thinking about pizza and pasta, which I never do.  My body, after a life time of eating what I wanted, was freaking out.  It was craving carbohydrates and wasn’t getting any.  Think about your life, and how many days in your life you haven’t eaten?  I would say most people in theU.S. could count those days on one hand.

You need to find things that you like to eat that fit within the caloric intake that you need to be under.

The daily caloric intake you need is based on your age, sex, height and weight.  This is the “Basal Metabolic Rate or B.M.R” and is extremely important if you want to burn more calories then you take in.

Basically the BMR is how many calories you burn just to be alive.  To blink your eyes, make your heart beat, or your hair grow.  This is not starvation.  Starvation will actually prevent you from losing weight, so you don’t die.  So, never go below 1,000 calories and even 500 calories below your BMR will make a difference if you’re eating a strict diet.

The next number is your “Body Fat Index or B.F.I” and this is extremely important.  It shows how much of you body is fat compared to muscle and the water content of your tissue.