Quick Start Guide

A Quick Start Guide for A Ketogenic Diet. (Protein Diet)

1)      Figure out how much you should weigh based on your height.  Use an online calculator.  THIS IS YOU GOAL WEIGHT, YOUR TARGET!!!

2)      Write down EXACTLY what you eat every day.  Do it for about a month.

3)      Calculate how much PROTEIN, FAT, SUGAR, SODIUM, and CARBOHYDRATES    you eat every day from your diet.  Add up the calories.

4)      Get weighed by a professional and find out your BMR, BFI, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol.  Ask your doctor for what’s called a “Metabolic Panel.”  This will give you a better idea of what is in your blood and what you need to aim for.  A reference point.

5)      Choose a calorie amount that will put you at a “calorie deficit” for each day.  This means that the amount of calories you eat every day will be less than your BMR.  This will kick off the program.

6)      “Eat BEFORE you get hungry.”  This is like saying drink water before you get thirsty.  If you’re eating because you’re hungry, it means you’ve gone too long between meals.  Adkins recommends every 2-3 hours having some sort of caloric intake.  And NEVER go more than 6 hours without eating.  This throws your metabolism out of whack, distorts your blood sugar and makes it harder to lose weight.

7)       Clean out your fridge and your cupboard of all crappy food.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  The crap that made you sick and overweight.  All the processed garbage.  The soda.  Frozen foods.  Artificial Sweeteners in any product.  Refined white flour.  The candy.

8)      Begin to psyche yourself up for this because it is going to take will power and lots of it.  Desire to lose weight is one thing, but willing yourself in to the right frame of mind is absolutely critical.

9)      Take photos of yourself in your underwear.  Front, back and both sides.  These will be for your before and after photos and will help you realize where you are now and where you need to get to.  And when you get toy our healthy weight, where you we’re.

10)      Drink a gallon a water every day.  (12) 8 oz. glasses /day.  I bring a gallon to work every day and try to finish it before I leave.  Plus a big glass when I first wake up and a quart when I’m at the gym.