My Daily Diet

My diet that I have following for the last seven months is pretty strict.  The food I choose will be different from everyone else, but this worked for me.  Yes, I have broken occasionally and had something naughty, but that was after months.  Actually the first break was one month in, after seeing some relatives, who attacked and ridiculed me almost immediately after explaining that I had been in denial about my diet.  I came home and jammed my finger right in the ice cream.  I was pissed!  (It wasn’t my ice cream, a relative bought it and left it in the fridge.  Thus clean out the goodies.)

This leads me to an extremely important part of any diet: emotional support.  This piece of the puzzle you would think isn’t that important, but could be the most.  You need support from your family and your friends, even your co-workers.  You need to explain to them that this is something you need to do for yourself and they need to get on board and give you encourage you and not sabotage you.  “You can have some pizza.  You can have a beer. You can have…..”  You see where this is going?  The people around you can sabotage you right off the bat.  Everyone is jealous of one another.  It’s basic human nature.  If you try to do something to change your life, to improve yourself, they can’t stand it.  They want to throw you under a bus.  Attack you for what they WISH they could do.  Now I know that certain members of my family I should never tell anything to because all they will do is attack me.  And their all FAT!!!  I know this is sad, but necessary.  Find the people of strength in your life and ask them for help and support and understanding.

You need to find healthy food that you can live with and keep you saisfied, but be within the calorie guidelines for your BMR.  Organic is worth it.  Avoid all processed foods.  White flour.  Synthetic sweeteners, or sugar alcohols, are poisonous and should be avoided at all costs.  This is aspartame and sucralose.  They do terrible things to your brain and screw up your insulin.  No more high fructose corn syrup (agave syrup is the same) .  It is so awful for your body and insulin it’s not funny.  Oh, and the commercials that say your body can’t tell the difference, BULLSHIT!  It can.  Just look at your waist.

This is why figuring out what you eat and how much you eat is so important.  People will say, “I don’t want to count calories.”  That’s the problem in the first place.  You cannot begin controlling your weight if you eat indiscriminately.  One meal at a fast food or chain restaurant could be your entire daily caloric intake, as well as enough sodium for a week, and that was just one meal for the day.  You have to count how many calories you eat.  After a few months, you will just learn to have an idea of how much you’re eating.  Get a good food scale.  I have the “OXO” scale for measuring my food:  Small and accurate.  Easy to clean.  Again, after a few months you will develop an eye for how much food is actually going inside you and this will become second nature.  You won’t have to think about it as much, but you will know innately what is going inside you.

Ketogenic Diet

The “Ketogenic Diet” is what I started to follow when I first started out.  The diet has been around for a long time (the 1920’s).  Long before Atkins and the “SouthBeach Diet,” but these are based on the same concept.  The goal is Ketosis, or “Lipolysis” or the breakdown of fats.  This means the white adipose tissue that wraps around every humans mid-section.  Dr. Atkins based his diet on this approach, but today much more is known about food quality and other nutrients, such as fats.  It has been improved upon with modern research and is getting better in it’s accuracy and correct use of food products.  Atkins was criticized for all the saturated fats, which we have learned are the bad fats.  But healthy fats are what we want in our diets, and a little saturated fats is good for your balanced diet.  So, fat-free is dumb and is actually toxic to people.  Don’t believe the marketing garbage; you want fats in your diet.  Healthy fats.  Olive oil, fish oil, canola oil, MCT oil, etc.  Not vegetable oil!  It isn’t actually that good for you.  (LINK)

My father had tried the Atkins diet and lost weight.  I criticized this myself for so much animal protein, and not enough fruit and vegetables, but this isn’t forever.  You will add in fruits and vegetables gradually as you go along and they will be part of your diet.  It’s just that at the beginning you will need a “SHOCK” to your system to trigger “induction.”  As you approach your goal weight and this is where you want to stay for the rest of your life, you will need to find your “maintenance” level as Atkins called it.

I’m asked over and over, can I have this food or that food ever again or this?  Yes, but in moderation, after you get to your goal weight.  A small bowl of ice cream, not a whole gallon.  A few cookies, not a whole box, and this is after you get to your goal weight. And these should be the healthiest products you can find.


My Daily Meal Plan: 5-6 small meals spaced out

Breakfast: (Yes, I cook in a pan, it tastes better. And I avoid the microwave)

  • 2 Eggs cooked with Ghee (clarified butter with an excellent nutrition) = 220 cals
  • 4 Strips of bacon (Hormel = 70 calories of good animal fat) = 70 cals
  • 1 cup black coffee (coffee affects your insulin so drink in moderation) = 0 cals
  • 1 tbsp of low-carb ketchup (I use a brand called Schumanns, it has 1g of sugar) ( I love ketchup, so this was tough.  But I got used to it.) = 40 cals
  • 1-2 scoops of all-natural Whey protein powder mixed with water = 112-224 cals

I do agree with eating a balanced diet and this is very strict.  But it is only during your induction period and makes the body shift in to the mode it needs to be in to start burning body fat.  According to Atkins, induction can be done safely for up to six months.  Whey protein is just a supplemental food to fill me up and balance me out.  Also, I work out a lot and I use this to help me improve muscle mass.  Many people could skip this if they feel full.

Mid-Morning Snack: Controls my metabolism (11am)

  • 2 Scoops of Whey protein powder mixed with water. = 224 cals

This could really be any kind of healthy protein.  I do this because it is convenient and I don’t want to eat chicken breasts all day.  And it’s only 220 calories and lasts me to lunch.

Lunch: (12:30 – 1pm)

  • 8-10 oz. of organic, healthy, grass-fed animal protein. = 500-800 cals

I use a little regular mayonnaise which is a great fat.  Or olive oil mayo is also great.  Know the weight and calories.

 Mid-Afternoon Snack: (3 – 4pm)

  • 2 Scoops of Whey protein powder mixed with water. = 224 cals

Again, this is to control my metabolism and appetite

Dinner: (5:30 – 6pm)

  • 8-10 oz. of organic, healthy, grass-fed animal protein. = 500-800 cals

This will be the smallest meal of the day.  Most doctors would say that you shouldn’t eat after 5 – 6pm if you’re trying to lose weight.  The long stretch to bedtime can be torturous, and is why exercise is so important or some other vigorous activity.  It fills up my evening and makes me feel better.  If you workout, your last meal should be eaten no less than 2 hours before working out.  Human growth hormone is released when you exercise and you don’t want to eat too close to working out.  Otherwise, HGH won’t be produced as much.

The toughest part at this period of the day is how you work in your new diet regime in to what you eat with the rest of the family.  This is a great time for everyone to re-evaluate what they’re eating.  Since I’m single, this is a bit easier for me.  But with the family, you can help everyone change their eating habits.

Now for me, I don’t eat dinner, I go to the gym at about 6:30 or so, so I run off the protein that I ate for my mid-afternoon snack.  When I get home at about 10pm, I will try to hold off until bedtime.  BUT, I will consume some “Casein” protein right before I go to bed.  This is a slow digesting protein that helps me maintain my insulin levels while I sleep and when I wake up, I’m not shaking from being so hungry.  During the first month of my diet I was shaking in the morning from being so strict in my diet.  This stopped that.  Casein basically turns to a gel in your stomach and makes you feel full, without so many calories.  And you get some more protein to digest while you sleep.


  • 1 scoop Casein Protein = 130 cals (I like this brand, Optimum Nutrition. It’s organic and tastes pretty good with water or even some almond milk)

So after a day, my calorie count is = 2000 cals (no dinner for me)

If my Basal Metabolic Rate was calculated by a nutritionist to be about 2800 – 3000 cals/day.  My calorie deficit is about 800 – 1000 cals/day.  I’m not starving.  I felt wrecked at the beginning, but that eventually faded.  Throw in some exercise and I feel much better.  I actually feel light on my feet and that was before I lost the weight.  The lethargy of a mediocre diet makes you sluggish.  Animal protein makes you burn more fat and feel better, at least in my case.