A Life Change


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    The desire and will power is what’s needed but it is the hardest thing!

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    I need to change my body now…  I will change my body now!

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    I keep getting asked what I’m doing to lose weight and change my body.
    Well, I start off with my dialogue on the Ketogenic Diet and how cavemen followed a Paleolithic diet and it was vastly different from todays high sugar, high carbohydrate, high sodium diet.
    Then I see the look of “whoa, too much information.”  Or, “Food Police!”
    Then I figured this would be easier to explain if I had some information to share with them. 
    So now I tell them to check out my site and see the links I have.
    Read for yourself what has pushed me.
    What I’ve learned and how I apply it.
    I’ll also show you exactly what I’ve eaten (mostly)
    This site looks to help people become healthier people.
    Improvement of health through improvement in method.There is a TON of bad information on the internet.
    I do my best to read through everything and challenge all the bullshit.  I want to understand for myself most importantly!
    But everyone needs to take responsibility for their own health because the doctors can’t do it all.
    Read, read, read and research everything before you initiate your journey.
    You need to understand how changing your body will change other parts of yourself.
    Phase in different things gradually and don’t rush to new fad techniques.
    See how some vitamin or nutrient or supplement is working for a few weeks before starting another compound.

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    The Ketogenic Diet:

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    The Ketogenic Diet is what I started to follow when I first started out.
    The diet has been around for a long time.  I goal is Ketosis, or “Lipolysis” or the breakdown of fats
    This means the white adipose tissue that wraps around every humans mid-section
    Dr. Atkins based his diet on this approach, but today much more is known about food quality and other nutrients, such as fats.
    It has been improved upon with modern research and is getting better in it’s accuracy and correct use of food products.

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    Calculating the ketogenic diet:

    This is another great source for more specific information about how all this works
    http://www.mynchen.demon.co.uk/Ketogenic_diet/Management/Calculating_the_ketogenic_diet.htmMore Links:
    http://www.allaboutfasting.com/effects-of-fasting-ketosis.htmlThis gentlemen explains some of the side efffects of your body going through what amounts to sugar/carb withdrawls.

    Another site with good information.

    This diet will eventually lead to blood sugar and what are the effects.  With protein only and no carbs or sugar, your blood sugar drops by itself and this is what really makes you feel the changes.  A blood glucose meter helps you know if your dietary change is having an impact.
    (note: for me, I felt withdrawls from this process on days 8 and 9.  But It eventually goes away and then I started feeling much better.  The minimum time in this phase is at least 2 weeks in order to force ketosis/lipolysis)

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    The Paleolithic Diet:

    This is the main idea behind what Atkins was going for. The return of our eating habits to what we had in the ancient past.
    This diet kept us much healthier than what we eat today and it works.
    Look at pictures of a vegetarian or some other fad dieter.  They don’t look healthy
    People eating like cavemen or cavewomen are much healthier in comparison.
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    “The Primal Blueprint”

    This guy wrote the book on this type of diet.
    Look at his body.  The proof is in his health.

Recent Posts

Hello Fellow Health Seekers

Well, I finally got my website up and running.

I chose to use WordPress since it has such a huge community of users AND developers.

I welcome all who want to know how I’ve done what I’m doing to improve my health.

It is an ongoing process;  “A LIfe Change,” as my friend Dan says.

I want to get my weight down to 200 lbs. or lower and keep it there for the rest of my life, but still enjoy life.  I do love to eat and find amazing new places and foods, so controlling my diet will be a tough road.  But I find that I look for more healthy things now.